Trauma PTSD

Acupuncture treatment for trauma PTSD speeds up the healing process.  Trauma either due to injury or due to

some other emotional event such as being in a war or surviving a natural disaster, losing a loved one has a long

lasting impact on a person’s life.Chinese Medicine Doctor Teaching Acupoint On Human Model


Experiencing stress, depression and anxiety after trauma is a

normal reaction in a large population of people and more

commonly referred to as post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.


A person who suffers from PTSD re-lives the trauma in their daily thoughts and may cause a person to suffer from

lack of rest, quality sleep, daily tension and distress which causes body pain.  A person may feel and relive the same

emotions again and again that prevents them from functioning and contributing to society.  Usually patients who

suffer from PTSD are treated with anti-depressants and referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist for cognitive

behavioral therapy (CBT).


An estimated population of 7-8% will experience post traumatic stress disorder like symptoms at

some point in their lives. Women are more likely to develop PTSD with a 10% chance as compared to 5% of men.

War veterans are more vulnerable as compared to people who have never been to any war.  Approximately 30% of

war veterans experience PTSD.


People who had a severe traumatic experience have 60% – 80% chance of developing PTSD.  Often PTSD goes

undiagnosed and 30% of the people with PTSD never get any sort of help at all. Trauma can lead people to start

substance abuse or they may experience depression.


A study conducted by researchers in Korea found that a treatment of acupuncture for trauma PTSD as well as

Chinese herb treatment proves to be a very effective alternative to cognitive behavioral therapy or anti-depressants.

One of the up sides of acupuncture is that it has no side effects and some patients prefer it to therapy as it doesn’t

require them to relive and discuss traumatic events.


Acupuncture Treatment for Trauma and PTSD


Psychological as well as clinical studies conducted by various acupuncture centers suggest impressive and

promising increase in health and immune activity of patients diagnosed with PTSD after going receiving



Acupuncture for trauma PTSD works as acupuncture is believed to induce the release of hormones such

as dopamine and serotonin that is believed to uplift the mood and help the patients in forgetting

about their anxiety and stress by ‘de-activating’ the analytical part of the brain.


Acupuncture treatments for trauma PTSD when accompanied with behavioral therapy may also be very

beneficial and more progressive as patients find that they cope better and are more mindful about

problems when relaxed.


Calvin Chien is a 3rd generation acupuncturist, teaches acupuncture and has written books on the

subject.  Please call Calvin to discuss acupuncture treatment for trauma & PTSD at (719) 533-0008.