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Adaptogens In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Adaptogens are natural substances in herbal medicine that help regulate hormones, battle fatigue, diminish harmful stress on the body and assist the body to regenerate itself on a cellular level.  In traditional Chinese medicine adaptogens have been used for centuries to work with a person’s body to boost the immune system, increase physical endurance and support mental focus.

Adaptogens are significant for individuals who deal with a lot of stress daily which is about 80% of the population.  This is not hard to believe given modern day life’s many stress factors that contribute to an overload of stress on the body.   We are not running from a hungry tiger we are dealing with daily stressors of finances, work, taxes, difficult people, or external factors as well as internal factors; our emotions, thoughts, possible anxiety.  Even watching the news can cause fear and uncertainty that leads to stress.   Needless to say, we are literally bombarded daily with environmental, external and internal stressors and this stress takes a toll on a person’s body.


How Do Adaptogens Help Our Body deal with stress?

Compounds of adaptogenic herbal formulas benefit and assist the body especially in the way our body deals with stress and the stress response by assisting the adrenal system to bring back a proper balance of hormones.  Stress causes the adrenal system to produce certain hormones that are helpful, especially in a fight or flight situation, but given these hormones become overproduced on a daily basis your adrenals become fatigued and hormones become unbalanced.  It is important to also note that physical stress can also benefit from adaptogens.


These are simply substances that, when ingested, can contribute to bringing balance or stabilization within the body. It specifically affects physiological processes, and promotes what is called homeostasis, the regulation of an organism where things are more in balance. There is a process in the human body called oxidation. When nutrients are sent into the mitochondria of our cells, the oxidation process occurs. When we are stressed, oxidation occurs at a much more rapid pace, affecting the cellular structure of our body in many ways. This can lead to the development of conditions like cancer, and can accelerate the aging process. Adaptogens act as a type of antioxidant to fight free radical damage, and there are many natural plant substances that can do that for us.


Chronic stress is very destructive on the body and its long-term effects most commonly can cause digestive problems and reduce energy levels.


When adding adaptogens to your regular routine you are helping your adrenal system bounce back faster by balancing hormones.  It’s a simple preventative measure to give your body support now that has immediate as well as long term benefits.

Some of the top benefits include being able to lower your blood pressure, counteract the effects of stress, and act as an antiaging elixir.  Adaptogens can help boost your immune system, lower cortisol levels, and provide you with extra energy throughout the day. Essentially, these are antioxidants that will go into your body, donating that extra electron into the outer valence that is now missing. Fortunately, there are many adaptogens available for you to use from Chien acupuncture clinic.  Please discuss any current medications you are using with Calvin.


Can Older People Benefit Taking Adaptogens?

As the human body ages, its ability to replicate cells becomes less proficient if certain building blocks are not present.  The replicating of cells occurs on a daily basis in the human body during the anabolic & catabolic phases which alternate every 12 hours.  Our bodies are continuously repairing and rebuilding on the cellular level.   Because of this an 84-year-old could have the heart of a 40-year-old given the proper adaptogens.

Adding natural herbal compounds helps supply building blocks for cell regeneration.   When the body is not balanced, or supplied with all the nutrients and other elements we age.   It is because of this that so many researchers began investigating ways to improve upon health in a natural way.  If we could somehow reset the clock to the way we were when we were younger, we could live for an ostensibly longer time.  These thoughts have led many researchers to examine a very miraculous aspect of plants, specifically their ability to assist in the healing aspects and promotion of healthy human cells which has led to the study of phytotherapy and what are called adaptogens.

Phytotherapy help boost digestion, improves adrenal reserve, detoxifies the liver, tones blood vessels, helps to soothe our nervous system, slow heart rates, rebalance hormones and calm inflammatory response by giving your body the right building blocks to heal.

Phytotherapy continues to excite the world of functional medicine.  Functional medicine is the approach of engaging the patient and the practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.  The shift in the 21st century in the US away from disease centered focus of traditional medical practice to the actual underlying causes and more patient centered approach is very exciting.   To witness patients, benefit greatly from plant based therapies is exhilarating and to know they will live longer happier lives is one of the greatest rewards I can imagine.  The use of plant based therapies is a gentler kinder healing that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

Calvin Chien is a 3rd generation acupuncture therapist who has been helping patients for over 30 years by bettering their bodies functions through natural herbal plants therapy.


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