Tapping in acupuncture needle

“I made the decision to try acupuncture out of sheer and painful desperation

after three years of deteriorating sciatica and lower back problems, and after trying other traditional treatments including prescribed exercise and chiropractic. I was encouraged by my daughter, who lived in south east Asia, where acupuncture is widely accepted, and is the treatment of choice for lower back disorders. I was also very aware of the poor medical outcomes of serious lower back surgery.

After extensive research, I chose Calvin Chien, even though it required a considerable driving commute for me. I chose Mr. Chien because of his outstanding credentials, and his lineage of several generations of Doctors of Oriental Medicine, including his father and grandfather.

After my initial evaluation, Mr. Chien determined he could restore my lifestyle if I was willing to give him time, since my condition had deteriorated over a period of years, leaving me not only in acute pain, but also nearly immobile. It is now one year later, and I do indeed have my lifestyle back, and am pain free and feeling vital again.

There were some added benefits that I did not expect: my blood pressure has dropped down to very healthy levels, my cholesterol is back to healthy levels, and my chronic and acute eczema, that could only be treated by steroid injections, has all but disappeared.

During the period of treatment time, I learned to trust Calvin Chien completely, and he earned my great respect for his extensive knowledge of Chinese Oriental Medicine and herbal medicines (passed down through his family for generations), and his expertise in acupuncture, both through formal education, and through having the good fortune of being apprenticed to one of the great Chinese acupuncturists in modern times. I followed his treatment patterns completely.

I recommend Calvin Chien highly for anyone who wants to be serious and exercise patience about his treatments. Besides his exceptional in depth knowledge, he has a compassionate and sincere interest in his patients, and his boundless energy and optimism I found to be of great value to me.”

David R.