Stress Reduction

A Guide To Acupuncture And Stress Reduction

Stress can cause chaos within our body. With the potential to make us ill, have a negative impact on our relationships, and even affect our work performance and mood, it is little wonder that most of us are aware of the need to reduce stress in our daily lives.

Acupuncture is becoming a popular alternative to treat stress reduction, and its growing popularity comes with good reason. If you feel the need to reduce stress within your life, why should you consider acupuncture? How does acupuncture work to relieve stress? How can you get started with this form of therapy? It’s time to get some answers!

How does stress affect your health?

Every person’s body is unique and responds to their personal stress levels differently.  There are different types of stress that can lead to serious health problems.

Stress is not all bad and a certain amount of stress is a good positive force that quickens reaction, hormone release, increased oxygen in fight or flight situation can save your own life or someone else’s.  These are quick and short bursts of good stress.

The long term stress is the body’s enemy and takes a toll on the body sometimes without a person’s knowledge.  Stress can create symptoms in people such as:

  • Headaches
  • Digestive Issues
  • Sleeplessness
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Anger or Irritability

People with stress may get sick more often or are more susceptible to infection.

For the most part there are 3 types of Stress.

  1. Traumatic Stress such as a major disaster, war, personal attack or an accident.
  2. Stress caused by a negative change such as job loss, losing your home, divorce or illness
  3. Daily stress caused by daily life, family, daily responsibilities, work pressure, school pressure.

Chronic stress puts a tremendous amount of strain on your system and your body.  Without dealing with long term stress the body gets no clear signal to relax and return to “normal”.  With time this type of stress may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart disease to mention a few.

Why Should You Consider Acupuncture?

The response of the conventional medical world to treating stress, can often come in the form of drugs or medication. Whilst some situations certainly do call for such measures, others may see a better result by considering a treatment course which is drug-free.

Since acupuncture is related to restoring harmony within the body, assisting the body to heal, treating the problem at its root, and allowing the body to naturally restore itself, this line of therapy is more than worthy of consideration.

How Does Acupuncture Work To Relieve Stress?

Acupuncture is based on an energy force called Qi. In simple terms, this is the energy which regulates our body’s overall health. The Qi balance within our body can be affected by such things as poor diet, stress, injury and environmental changes. When the Qi balance has been knocked, our health suffers the consequences.

Since, ‘Qi energy’, may sound unfamiliar, it’s easy to dismiss the whole therapy as being a little ‘airy-fairy’. However, if we note that another term for Qi energy could be ‘metabolic function’, or even, ‘chemical reactions’, then it becomes clear that acupuncture is actually very much based on clear health facts.

A skilled acupuncturist will thoroughly discuss the health condition of each patient, after which they will insert needles very close to a body nerve, hence encouraging the nervous system to promote body repair, to produce painkilling chemicals, or to control emotions, such emotions of course include stress and anxiety.

Acupuncture for Stress

If you haven’t been for an acupuncture visit before, the whole things can seem a little daunting. All this talk of needles and nerves would have anyone feeling a little stressed!

First of all, don’t anticipate that you are going for a painful or traumatic experience. Most patients actually find the visit and process of acupuncture both relaxing and up-building.

Once you have an appointment in place, make sure you make a quick note of your condition, emotions and stress levels. This way you won’t forget to tell Calvin Chien about your condition as a whole, hence assisting them in knowing how to best relieve your anxiety.

Stress, to some extent, will always be part of our daily lives. However when it reaches a limit which is beyond our comfort level, it can significantly affect our health for the worse.

Since acupuncture is proving itself to be a drug-free way to reduce stress, and getting started doesn’t need to be a difficult feat, it surely deserves our consideration. After all, aren’t we all endeavoring to lead as stress-free a life as we possibly can?

Call Calvin Chien 719-533-0008 to discuss a plan to diminish Stress levels today. Improving the quality of life is important not only physically but mentally as well.