Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture has been used for shoulder stiffness with excellent results.  Shoulder pain and shoulder stiffness is not uncommon in middle aged people or from a sports related injury. Stiffness can be caused by various reasons including soft tissue injury, fracture, inflammation of shoulder muscles, rotator cuff dysfunction and a few other problems. Acupuncture for shoulder stiffness and pain may be an effective alternative treatment. It can help in treating shoulder problems, in combination with other treatments.

Young muscular man with shoulder pain on black background

Shoulder pain can be caused by inflammation in the muscle tendons known as Tendinitis or by inflammation of the bursa also known as Bursitis. Suffering from these conditions may result in moderate to extreme pain and hindrance in performing even the daily routine activities. These conditions usually occur after some trauma and are easily identified.

Rotator Cuff dysfunction commonly known as ‘frozen shoulder’ is not so easily identified and is usually ignored by people until the pain becomes unbearable. Frozen shoulder is a condition that makes the person unable to use the arm due to extensive pain it cause when trying to move. Shoulder joint is employed every time you try to move your arm overhead or backward and the mobility is decreased as a result.

How Acupuncture Works To Relieve Pain in Shoulder

Acupuncture is known for its ability to heal and cure pain and can be applied as an effective method of treating shoulder stiffness. Various studies are being done on the effectiveness and employment of acupuncture for shoulder stiffness now. A study published in Hong Kong medical journal showed that acupuncture for shoulder stiffness along with exercise is very effective in treating frozen shoulder. Usually, frozen shoulder is treated by administration of anti-inflammatory meds or pain killers. Sometimes, patients are referred to Physiotherapist, and if damage is severe, surgery may be suggested.

In the study, the results look very promising, patients showed great improvement in mobility of the arm when they were given acupuncture treatments along with exercise as compared to patients who just exercised.

Treatment Plan for Shoulder Pain & Stiffness

Treatment plan focuses on the insertion of fine needle into the affected area and restoring the energy balance into the body by reducing the inflammation in the muscle. Acupuncture is done by inserting the acupuncture needles into the muscle to loosen the knots or tightness in the muscles. Then, the patient is asked to exercise the muscle. This is helpful for recovery as acupuncture makes it easy for the patient to mobilize the frozen muscle by loosening it first and then exercising it to restore mobility in it.

Step one:

Application of acupuncture to decrease pain and increase mobility in shoulder.

Step two:

Apply acupuncture at points other than shoulder to deal with the problem. Acupuncture works on the belief that whole body is connected, thus, acupuncture is applied at small and large intestine for treating shoulder pain and stiffness.

Step three:

Use acupuncture to improve the overall balance of the body, blood and energy imbalance.

Treatment starts showing result after 2-4 weeks of regular acupuncture and exercising.