acupuncture for pain management

                              Using Acupuncture to Manage and Control Pain

The most frequently cited problem that leads patients to Chien Acupuncture in Colorado Springs, is a desire to live without pain. Many people suffer from the debilitating effects of acute and chronic pain, which can limit their ability to enjoy life, creating a cycle of sleeplessness and despair. Chronic pain often plagues patients for years before they learn that acupuncture and associated pain therapies can improve how they feel.

Surgery and prescription drugs are common pain management treatments offered within the medical community; however they are not always the only pain therapy route that is available. By employing a holistic approach, which includes the use of Chinese herbs, acupuncture, cupping, and other centuries old treatments, patients often find relief without surgery or prescription drugs.

                             Individualized Pain Management Treatment with Acupuncture

Individualized treatment is as important in traditional Chinese medicine as it is in modern medicine. Skillfully diagnosing the cause and adjusting treatments to treat the underlying condition is imperative to successful pain management. The science behind the process indicates that hormone levels, neurotransmitters, or the immune system are improved by acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine relies on its ability to balance qi and energy flow throughout the body.

Calvin Chien, at Chien Acupuncture in Colorado Springs, has studied acupuncture techniques and offered them in his practice for over 20 years. He has authored several books on Clinical Acupuncture as well as teaching techniques to students in Taiwan. The clinic uses the Clean Needle Technique to protect patient’s health and well-being during treatments.

Sufferers of back pain, as well as pain the joints or neck, and headaches, frequently seek relief from Chien Acupuncture. Here they are able to relax under the skillful hands of Calvin Chien as he relieves excruciating pain and pressure. Treatment is also effective for Fibromyalgia, Carpal tunnel syndrome, knees, and tender skin disorders including psoriasis.

Acupuncture Safety

The safety of acupuncture is often considered when patients seek this treatment for pain relief. When performed by a licensed acupuncturist, at Chien Acupuncture in Colorado Springs, you can be assured that sterile needles are used, and that every protection is taken to safeguard your health. When compared to many drugs that are approved and then pulled from the market, the centuries old techniques are considered by many to provide superior relief without drug side effects. Often referred to as a complementary, alternative, or a holistic approach to health, acupuncture continues to provide patients pain management and relief, just as it has for centuries. Studies continue to reinforce the effectiveness of acupuncture, with many indicating it exceeds drugs when used to control acute or chronic pain.

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