Use a natural tear alternative in your eye on the affected side during facial paralysis to prevent eye infection.

Keep your eye well lubricated during facial paralysis.

Acupuncture for Facial Paralysis Bell’s Palsey

Acupuncture is very helpful in assisting with a speedy recovery from the facial paralysis caused by Bell Palsey. At Chien acupuncture we treat all forms of facial paralysis but 80% of Facial paralysis cases are caused by Bell’s Palsey. A facial droop occurs and may worsen within 72 hours of the onset.

Bells Palsey results from from the main nerve that controls facial muscles to dysfunction leaving a drooping appearance. A dysfunction of the cranial nerve causing an inability to control facial muscles on one side of the face either left or right, rarely both sides of the face are affected. Bells Palsey affects 40,000 people a year in the US and doesn’t discriminate affecting young, old, men and women.

Symptoms include drooping of the side of the face that is affected including drooping of the brow and side of the mouth inability to close eye, dry eyes, impaired taste and ear pain/loss of hearing. Basically the nerve that supplies all the muscles to perform facial expressions has been affected.

Exactly what causes this damage, however, is unknown. It is suggested that an autoimmune or a viral infection has possibly occurred in the body and causes inflammation that can compress the nerve and cause the damaged nerve to become compressed, resulting in facial weakness or paralysis. Compression and inflammation can cause nueral signals to be blocked and damage to the nerve.

Increasing blood flow and stimulating the facial muscles through acupuncture has proven effective in many studies as in this study Acupuncture treatment of facial palsey study

In most cases the eye on the affected side cannot be closed so it is very important to protect your eye, keep it lubricated with tear like eye drops or artificial tears and cover your eye as corneal damage may occur if not lubricated and covered to protect it from dust and debris and prevent infection.

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