Epstein Barr Virus

Acupuncture treatments have been shown to help people carry the Epstein – Barr virus. It is associated with symptoms including chronic fatigue, aching joints, fever, and rashes as well as mononucleosis. Most people have been exposed to the virus, which is more commonly known as the humanherpes virus IV, and carry it in their body. While it may lie dormant most of the time, adults may suffer long-term effects that are related to childhood exposure to Epstein – Barr. A combination of acupuncture treatments from Chien Acupuncture in Colorado Springs, combined with Chinese herbal medicine can help alleviate fatigue and improve your overall vitality.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is associated with the Epstein – Barr virus. Autoimmune diseases and a general feeling of exhaustion are signs that your body is out of balance. People who suffer from extreme fatigue are not able to fully enjoy or participate in life. Work performance and family interaction are reduced as they struggle with a lack of energy.

Specific Acupuncture Treatments for Epstein – Barr virus Sufferers

Acupuncturist Calvin Chien is skilled in recognizing the symptoms of Epstein- Barr and how it manifests in each individual. Headaches, fever, stiffness in the neck, and coughs are pinpointed below the second and third thoracic vertebrae, while acupuncture treatments in the LI4 region can help improve health and release pain.
It is crucial to use and acupuncturist who is highly trained with the ability to identify the cause of the symptoms and how to treat them.

Western medicine relies strongly on a combination of prescription medicines and rest. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses natural herbs and acupuncture points to restore the body’s balance and vitality. Releasing the flow of qi through carefully placed acupuncture treatments has helped many people who suffer from chronic fatigue begin to once again enjoy an active life.

If you suffer from tiredness, extreme fatigue, fever, swollen glands, coughing, or other symptoms caused by the Epstein- Barr virus, please contact Chien Acupuncture in Colorado Springs CO today. Acupuncture treatments will help you feel rejuvenated and able to spend time doing the activities you enjoy.

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Acupuncture Colorado Springs for Epstein - Barr Virus