Headache Relief

Does the fear of a needle keep you from trying acupuncture? Calvin Chien, owner of Chien Acupuncture in Colorado Springs, has years of experience treating patients with acupuncture for migraines and tension headaches. His skill is used to reduce pain, both immediately, and to prevent your headache from recurring.

Acupuncture Provides Headache Relief

Although acupuncture has been used successfully in China and the Orient for centuries, people in the West have had difficulty accepting its safety and effectiveness until relatively recently. Over the past 20 years, researchers have begun to conduct comparisons and are finding real results. This is good news for people who have been reluctant to go for treatment.
Duke University researchers discovered that while 62% of subjects who were treated with acupuncture had relief from their headaches as opposed to only 45% headache relief for medication users.
It is crucial to choose an experienced and licensed acupuncturist when considering treatment. Chien Acupuncture lists Calvin Chien’s credentials and schools. Our Clean Needle Technique and certifications ensure you receive the highest quality acupuncture treatments available in the Springs. Call 719-533-0008 today for headache relief.