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                     Acupuncture Benefits Sufferers of COPD


Acupuncture Colorado Springs for COPD

Calvin Chien owns and practices at Chien Acupuncture Clinic in Colorado Springs. He spent ten years learning Master Tong’s Acupuncture, is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and teaches these skills to select students throughout the world.

Objectively identifying the benefits of acupuncture for COPD sufferers has been indicated by the results of two studies conducted in Japan. Dyspnea, referred to as DOE, is the feeling that you are not able to get enough air, or a severe shortness of breath, and is a common symptom of COPD. The Borg Scale is used to measure the effect a workout or activity has on your ability to breathe. It varies from nothing at Zero, to having to stop the activity at Ten. Both studies incorporated the use of this scale

                        Acupuncture VS. Medication for COPD

In the first study, a 6 minute walk test was used to verify the oxygen level of two control groups. They were then divided, with one group receiving acupuncture and one receiving medication. After 10 weeks, the acupuncture recipients showed a significant improvement in blood oxygen levels following the walk test.

             Acupuncture VS. Placebo Needling Techniques for COPD

The second study showed similar results although researchers conducted it in a different manner. One group received real acupuncture treatments, while the secondary group received placebo needling. No one in either group, including the statisticians and evaluators, were aware of who received which type of treatment until after the study.

After 12 weeks the groups were underwent the 6 minute walk test, as well as having their blood oxygen levels measured. Researchers discovered that the patients who had received acupuncture had higher blood oxygen levels and performed better on the walk test than those who received placebo needling.

Acupuncture is used to treat many conditions and diseases. We recommend learning more about its benefits and experiencing them for yourself.

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