Acupuncture for Natural Healing

Acupuncture is a form of therapy for healing the body naturally. This form of healing has been practiced for 2,500 years and passed down for centuries. The use of extremely fine sterile one-use needles (tinier than your dog’s whiskers) are used at acupuncture points to restore the proper function of your body. Signals are sent to your brain that promote healing naturally. Calvin Chien in Colorado Springs has practiced the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for over 30 years.

Acupuncture Colorado Springs

Safe and Clean Acupuncture Treatments

All acupuncture needles are stainless steel, are used one time, come in individually wrapped sterilized packaging from the manufacturer, and then disposed of in a medical waste container. The exact angle, location of insertion as well of depth is very precise. You should not feel pain or discomfort but may experience a tingling, warmth or feel absolutely nothing, everyone’s experience is unique to the individual.

How are Acupoints and Meridians Used to Promote Natural Healing with Acupuncture?

Acupuncture points or acupoints are located all over the body from your head to your toes. Over 500 acupoints follow the natural energy flow of the body along a meridian. Meridians are like super highways of your body’s energy. There are over 12 major meridians that direct the flow of energy and blood to the major organs.

When the natural flow of energy has been injured or misaligned the body experiences pain or discomfort. Proper blood flow allowing the body to heal itself naturally is the major benefit of acupuncture. There are no side effects that hurt you as opposed to drugs that may simply mask symptoms or allow temporary relief causing addiction to pain medications with potential side effects.

acupuncture for pain management

Colorado Springs Acupuncture Treatments for Chronic Pain

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain, including but not limited to arthritis, a pinched nerve or sciatica, an injury pain or joint pain, we suggest a free counseling session with Calvin. After your initial exam you will be given a treatment plan, provided you are a good candidate for acupuncture. Treatment plans vary for each person.

After thousands of years is still not fully understood. Only one fact remains, thousands of people across the world say acupuncture works.

Acupuncture is recommended by the world health organization, private physicians, and continues to be proven to work in scientific research and brain mapping technology.

For chronic pain don’t you owe it to yourself to live balanced, with a flow of good positive energy to help your system heal naturally? Acupuncture does have a side effect we haven’t mentioned, the overall feeling of good health.

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