Acupuncture the Safe Alternative to Opioid Pain Medication

While many chronic pain sufferers find relief from opiate based pain medication prescribed by western trained doctors there are many risk factors associated with these pharmaceuticals for you as a patient. You can view more information here Opiaite Drug Epidemic.

A safe and effective compliment to standard care is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a risk free alternative pain management system that has become popular and is being increasingly used in the day to day management of pain without any dangerous side affects.

What are Opiate Based Painkillers?

FDA approved opioid medications were introduced in the 80’s and 90’s as safe painkillers and have become increasingly controversial with a staggering number of addictions and deaths. Opioides mimic the bodies own pain killing mechanism. For traumatic pain they are very effective for short term use.

There are synthetic opioids, semi-synthetic opioids and opiates, for the most part all are now referred to as opioids. Opiates, codeine and morphine are derived from the alkaloids found in the opium poppy indigenous to the near east. Semi synthetic opiods such as; oxycodone and buprenorphine and fully synthetic opioids like Pethidine, Fentanyl, Tramadol are all used clinically for the relief of pain, but their use entails the risk of physical or psychological dependence.

Opioids actually attach to the receptors in the brain that lead to experiencing pain. The “opioid effect” blocks pain or reduces the pain signals, slows breathing and calms the pain signals giving people with chronic pain much needed relief and a euphoric feeling.

Unfortunately with long term use opioids become less effective because of our bodies own tolerance that builds up to need increased levels of strength which may make a person susceptible to physical addiction.

Opioid Based Pain killer Side Effects

With increased strength or dosage of opioid painkillers people are more likely to experience the following side affects and a greater risk is respiratory depression that may lead to death.

A general queasy feeling, nausea and vomiting
Blurry vision and/or distortion or lines in peripheral vision
Drowsiness and confusion
Skin irritation, itchiness, sensitive skin, painful skin
Dry mouth
Diarrhea and / or difficulty urinating and or constipation
Hallucinations and vivid dreams
A general feeling of agitation
Muscle pain-related twitching, shaking or jerks
Anxiety and/ or irritability

With increased strength the effect can become dangerous and depress the respiratory system, breathing is slowed this respiratory depression is what is referred to as overdose death. When opioid pain relievers are taken with Central Nervous system depressants such as Xanax the side affects can also be fatal.

Why Acupuncture is a Safe Alternative to Prescription Pain Medications

Acupuncture is rapidly growing as a mainstream pain management alternative to treating pain-related illness and pain caused by injury-related accidents, sports or military service. Many chronic pain sufferers have found that they are able to reduce the amount of prescribed pain medication while using acupuncture as a modality in their pain management or in some cases completely stop the use of narcotics. Which also eliminates the side affects and dangers of pain medications and feeling doped up.

The department of defense now uses acupuncture as a treatment base for many sufferers of pain-related injuries. The air force was the first to initiate the use of acupuncture as an alternative for pilots who are not allowed to use pain medication and found it a successful means of alleviating pain naturally. Acupuncture is now being used on many Afghanistan injured soldiers in what is coined as battlefield acupuncture which was developed by a group of doctors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Military Turns to Acupuncture as alternative to prescription painkillers

With high tech advancement brain imaging or neuroimaging improvements you can actually see the affects of acupuncture on the patient’s pain centers calming those areas of the brain and activating areas of the brain that produce rest and recuperation. Increased blood flow is seen in ultrasound imaging when acupuncture treatment is given and inflammation diminishes viewing thermal imaging.

There are natural endogenous opioid present in the body. When the body’s meridians and pathways are blocked acupuncture opens up the pathways to assist the body to fight pain naturally. The bodies natural healing mechanisms are restored and balanced.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs used by Calvin Chien are an effective compliment to standard care and should be used as a natural alternative to improve the quality of your life if you are a sufferer of chronic pain-related injury or disease. It is safe and it works.

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